D-EDGE Internet Booking Engine

We Brought the Innovative D-EDGE Attraction Internet Booking Engine to Africa

And This is What Happened…

The D-EDGE attraction booking engine is an internationally-acclaimed internet booking engine backed by large hotel groups worldwide. Major operators like Raffles, Centara and Apart’city already use and trust this online booking portal, but can it work in our unique African situation?

We put the Attraction Booking Engine to the test using an intensive case study at Arebbusch Travel Lodge in Namibia. Here’s what we found:


Arebbusch Travel Lodge is a leading hospitality player in the bustling hub of Windhoek, offering a wide range of accommodation from glamping to luxury suites and family-style campsites. The lodge also offers event and conference services and has worked closely with Direct Bookings Africa for several years.

Up until this point, Arebbusch was using the same booking engine as many of Africa’s established hospitality brands and was eager to try something new. As such, when we needed a guinea pig to test the D-EDGE system, Arebbusch Travel Lodge was the first to put their hand up.

They signed up, and the results were staggering. 

During this short time, online sales of accommodation at Arebbusch Travel Lodge quadrupled. The D-EDGE Attraction Internet Booking Engine continues to bring in consistently more bookings than from any channel, including their long-established travel agent partners. 

Lizé Ackermann, customer relations manager at Arebbusch Travel Lodge, has the following to say about the D-EDGE system –

“Achieving more direct bookings from our valued clients has lowered the acquisition cost per booking by a substantial amount, which in turn has resulted in a big cost saving for us. By investing in the D-EDGE attraction internet booking engine for hotels, Arebbusch Travel Lodge is now able to offer rates and specials direct to all of our clients, which in the past could only be offered to our clients via online travel agents.”

Needless to say, Arebbusch Travel Lodge has decided to continue with D-EDGE for the foreseeable future.

Would you like to try out D-EDGE, but not sure if it will work for you? No problem!

We’ve negotiated a special offer whereby accommodation establishments can participate in a free three-month. This offer is exclusively available to accommodation establishments that work via Direct Bookings Africa and has a limited time frame, so get in touch right away to get started!

What Does D-EDGE Have to Offer You?

While increased bookings are the biggest benefit of implementing the D-EDGE system, you’ve got plenty more to gain, such as:

  • Ongoing assistance and support from our Direct Bookings Africa team throughout the start-up process and beyond.
  • Savings on commission paid to travel agents and other online reservations providers.
  • A host of advantages associated with using an internet booking engine.

Some of the aspects that place D-EDGE in a class of its own include:

Seamless Integration with Google

Seamless integration with google means you can pick up bookings from organic search via your Google listing, saving on marketing costs per booking as well as commission paid to third-parties who promote your establishment.

Flexible Rate Structures

You dictate your prices. You can mirror the rate structure offered via online travel agents, set up rates on a sliding scale from ‘early-bird’ to ‘last-minute’ and adjust your rates according to seasonal supply and demand. 

An Innovative Campaign Manager

You can manage your marketing strategies by setting up specials as you need. You have the flexibility to offer a percentage off your standard rate or set up a fixed special rate. 

You can then apply these discounted fees to all your rooms, or only some of them. You have a high degree of flexibility when it comes to timing too. Special rates can be limited to certain days of the week, a single day, or a specified time frame.

Website Integration

D-EDGE works with your website to keep critical details updated at the first point of contact. With D-EDGE, your online availability is always a true reflection of what’s available and when. 

Prospective guests can book right there and then. 

D-EDGE is also compatible with all the most widely used channel managers and property management systems.


Multiple Currencies

D-EDGE operates in all the common African currencies such as Namibian dollars and South African Rands as well as the most common international ones. 

Working with D-EDGE

The main thing about D-EDGE that caught our eye is that they, like us, believe that direct bookings from your OWN booking engine are by far the best.

Are you ready to increase your revenue and make your marketing efforts easier? Get in touch and sign up with D-EDGE today. 

You won’t find this offer anywhere else, and it’s first-come-first-serve, so if you don’t make a move soon, you could lose out!

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