About Us

Robert Nienaber And Team

Professional Revenue, Marketing and Asset Management Services to help you Grow Your Accommodation Establishment

I’m Robert Nienaber and my passion is helping businesses discover the potential that professional marketing has for their business. 

I have many years of experience working as a marketing professional. In this time, I’ve seen first-hand just how effective marketing can be for all sorts of businesses. It’s the best way to get a competitive boost in today’s competitive environment. 

In modern times, digital marketing has come to the fore as a cost-effective and impactful method for marketing any business. In the realm of hospitality, digital marketing stands out as the most efficient way to attract customers from around the globe. 

When you add revenue and asset management to the fray, you’re as close to a magic formula for success as you’ll ever be. That’s where my team and I come into the picture.’  

My Team 

In order to assist as many people and companies as possible, I’ve hand-picked a team of like-minded individuals to assist me in my quest to make your brand better. Together, we’re committed to helping hospitality businesses boost their sales by building and promoting their brands. 

The marketing arena can seem like a daunting and challenging environment for the uninitiated. It’s much easier to navigate the complex and sometimes overwhelming field with like-minded professionals by your side. 

Let us use our skills to help you enter and thrive in the complex, and sometimes challenging, marketing arena. 

We are able to work in South Africa and Namibia on a in-person and full-time basis. In other countries around the world we are able to assist accommodation establishments remotely and on a contract basis (unless work visas can be organized, in which case we can work in-person and on a full-time basis).

 This is our formula for success:  

Revenue Management 

Our revenue management experience includes forecasting and analyzing market conditions and trends to identify opportunities. We can implement and manage the following:  

  • Brand.com booking engines 
  • Channel managers 
  • Online travel agent listings 
  • Meta search listings
  • Channel mix plans
  • Yield management systems  

Marketing Management 

We can draw-up a comprehensive marketing strategy within an allocated budget. We have experience in developing and managing the following:  

  • Websites and apps 
  • Digital advertising campaigns 
  • Search campaigns 
  • Social media channels 
  • Chatbots 
  • Reputation management systems 

We can also help you with managing customer relationships to ensure repeat business.  

Asset Management 

Asset management is vital for keeping track of property wear and tear and overseeing maintenance.

Taking care of these basics is the best way to ensure exceptional client experiences resulting in positive feedback.  

Bespoke Marketing Solutions for the Hospitality Industry 

While digital marketing can help any business achieve success, we feel most at home working within the hospitality industry. 

That’s because we believe that resorts, hotels, restaurants, and the like, have the potential to bring joy and fulfilment to people across the globe. 

The hospitality industry is a place where people of diverse cultures and backgrounds can find common ground. At the same time, the industry has massive potential to create employment for people with a wide range of talents, making it a key player in the fight against poverty. 

In this way, the travel industry presents a far-reaching win-win scenario, radiating from our client to their customers, to their community, and beyond. 

We don’t view what we do as a job – it’s a calling that helps us make meaningful contributions towards a greater good every day. Driven by these foundational beliefs, we approach every project with passion, commitment, and dedication.

We can help you: 

Get More Bookings for Your Accommodation Establishment 

We can help you optimize and improve your website using advanced internet booking engine technology and conversion optimization software. These technologies help you make your establishment more attractive by streamlining your booking process, fine-tuning your special offers, and pushing your rates out to all the best meta search engines.

Promote and Sell Your Destination

Our team has abundant experience with marketing a destination as well. Highlighting the surrounding attractions is an important part of marketing any hospitality establishment. In addition, we receive many visitors to our site who are interested in travelling and are always looking for novel places to promote to them.
Promote and Sell Tourism-Related Products and Services

Travel encompasses many facets beyond meals, destinations, and accommodation. We are eager to promote all products and services that can benefit travelers on their journeys, such as car rentals and activities.  

We are proud to have helped our flagship brands, Arebbusch Travel Lodge and Arebbusch Pizzeria, on the path to success with our comprehensive off- and online marketing services in Namibia, and we look forward to assisting many more.

Would you like to be our next success story? We’d love to help you get on track with the latest, greatest marketing, revenue, and asset management techniques. 

If you’d like a friendly, uncomplicated introduction to the many benefits of marketing your accommodation establishment, get in touch.